New Zealand – Caves, Glowworms, Mudpools and Mouri’s


The last couple of days have been really special. I embarked on the first two thirds of The Middle-Earth Trilogy.
On the way there i came across the Huka falls. These amazing come to an end at Huka falls where over 200,000 litres of ice-cold water fall 9 meters over the rock face EVERY SECOND.
The next day I went underground and explored the warren of tunnels of the Ruakuri and the Glowworm caves. Ruakuri was really interesting and I learnt all about the limestone formations. It takes 100 years to create 1 cubic cm, look at these bad boys…
The next day I went to Rotorua to visit the geothermal Te Puia. I wandered around and saw bubbling mud pool, geysers including the Pohutu that blasts water and steam up to 30 meters into the air and boiling water pools are still used to this day by the Mouri to cook meat and vegetables.
After a was around Rotorua it was time for some relaxation in the local thermal baths. Some pools were up to 42 degrees, it is amazing to know that these are all natural heated.
That evening I went back to Te Puia for a Te Po Mouri experience. I was welcomed with a traditional ceremony including being met and introduced by shaking hands and touching noses twice; the traditional Mouri welcome.
A display of song and dance followed and then a delicious Hangi dinner; meat and vegetables are cooked in a pit under the ground.
After dinner I sat on geothermal warmed steps next to the geysers and under the stars with a hot chocolate. It has been another day to remember.

One thought on “New Zealand – Caves, Glowworms, Mudpools and Mouri’s

  1. So pleased you have experienced all these wonderful things which you will never forget.Looking forward to seeing you soon.Lots of love nannals xx


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