Welcome to Mountain View B&B and the Abel Tasman

From the minute I drove up the driveway and came face to face with a Thoroughbred and a Shetland I felt right at home. Out rushed Jan to shove them out of the way and pull me in for a hug with an “alright love” in her thick Scouse accent.


Following Jan and the horses came two dogs, one cat, eight chooks, three goats, one daughter called Phoenix, Jan’s husband called Damon and 12 peacocks!! I walked into the warm kitchen, she put on the kettle and that was up chatting for two days straight.


The farm is great there is always something happening; a dog running this way, a peacock flying that way or Jan scurrying around subconsciously chattering to herself as she mentally ticks her never-ending to do list off in her mind.

Jan, Damon and Phoenix all have such a warm and caring way about them and that extends throughout the house and instantly transported me back to my own house with my own family fussing around, though we have less animals, for now!

After the craziness of the last week and a half the cup of tea in the sun with an incredible view across the valley and a natter with a familiar accent was just what was needed. Straight away I felt like I’d known her for years. Another thing that reminded me of home was Jan’s cooking and hospitality, a natural nurturer I don’t think I’ve eaten that much since I left my own mum. With a severe case of home-sickness I embraced it whole-heartedly. Both nights my plate was piled high with a roast and then followed by a warming dessert. The next morning I lied in had a gorgeous brekkie or muesli and home-made Fijoa compote (fruit native to NZ).


I waited for Jan in the same spot with another cuppa in the sun and pottered around the farm and generally just relaxed. After lunch we were off to Abel Tasman. We arrived to glorious sunshine and made our way round the coast. I was blown away by how beautiful it was.

People gently kayaked by while the abundance of wildlife chirped and rustled away in the bushes. We even saw some giant foot prints leading to a cave, my imagination is going crazy and I’d love to know what it was. For all the other questions I had I was lucky to have my own personal tour guide, Jan on hand to explain what it all was. I’m a bit of a nerd and love mushrooms; eating, photographing etc. And it wasn’t long before we saw this beauty. Apparently it’s called a skeleton mushroom- how amazing is that!


Before I knew it my stay in Abel Tasman paradise was over, the family meal was eaten, my bag was packed and I was off to bed for a very early start. I cannot recommend Mountain View B&B enough, you will be looked after with love and care as part of the family. I left feeling fully refreshed and got to see Abel Tasman to boot. I loved my stay and can confidently say I’ll be back.


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