Bali – Locavore

I’d heard amazing things about Locavore for months before I went to Ubud. Hailed as a foodie’s dream I just had to try it. Getting in is pretty tricky so be organised with this one and book in advance, no winging it with this popular spot I’m afraid.

I absolutely love the name; as an advocate of local products I was already intrigued. The idea of neither being a herbivore or a carnivore, but a locavore is genius and now I am stealing it for myself. “Hi, I’m Gabrielle and I am a locavore”.


The menu is based on European dishes made with locally sourced ingredients. Set in a degustation format you can choose from a five or seven course ‘Locavore’ menu or ‘herbivore’ menu and can chose to pair these courses with matching beverages. I was slightly worried about consuming 7 alcoholic beverages as a girl on my own in a new city. However, I was assured by the waitress that they wouldn’t all be alcoholic (one wasn’t, just one!!!!), so I YOLO’d’ and dived right in.

Forgive the photos but as you can see they get increasingly blurry with every paired beverage!

To start is was given a few appetisers including a spinach tempura and this.


Then it was on to Seaweed Gili bread with soft egg and tamari emulsion.



Baby churros with young goat’s cheese and a black rice blini with smoked egg emulsion, Papp rice and leaves.

Local salad sprinkled with Balinese sea salt and spritzed with hibiscus vinegar. This was on my table throughout the meal, I thought it was the flower decoration.


Oyster mushroom crisp to dip into oyster emulsion.


Tomato sorbet served with home-grown cherry tomato with a hot consume. And finally a Balinese chocolate mousse.



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