Bali – Ubud

I love making lists and one of my lists that has been going for quite some time is my travel bucket list. Trust me there is plenty on there and i have some way to go before I finish it, in fact it just keeps getting longer. One place that has been on there for quite some time is Indonesia, Bali & The Gili Islands in particular.


Tired and stressed from work I decided now was the time. In the same time and money in takes to go from Gatwick to Grenada I was in tropical Bali.

I was met in the airport by my wonderful driver, Made, we became good friends by the end of the few days we had together. Behind a small and ornate archway lied my accommodation for my stay in Ubud, Sama’s Cottages. A complete juxtaposition to the streets outside it was a perfectly quiet and tranquil place to relax. My morning ritual became yoga at the Yoga Barn followed by a lovely breakfast and Balinese coffee back on my veranda.


During my stay I made the most of the pool and on the last morning had an amazing private massage in the middle of the rainforest to the sound of birds. I have only been away for a couple of days and array feel like I’ve been away for months.


Ubud is simply amazing. Like every tourist today I visited the Sacred Monkey Forest Sanctuary, it was like walking straight into King Louie’s kingdom in The Jungle Book where mischievous monkeys rule a maze of overgrown temples and mossy statues.

Away from the shade of the trees I made my away through Ubud’s sizzling heat and mass of culture. Every street corner holds another temple or religious statue.
Bali is an incredibly spiritual place, although predominantly Hindu there is space for all beliefs and spirituality. Ganesh sits in every entranceway ready to greet you and the Balinese themselves are some of the kindest people I am yet to meet and knowing their belief in the power of good karma you always feel incredibly safe.
To get away from the hustle and bustle, this afternoon I wandered around the rice paddies that surround Ubud and took a much needed dip in the pool at the Viceroy, usually only available to customers I was allowed a free pass from a friend.
Unfortunately on this trip I ran out of time to visit the eco-village ‘Green Village
I was so eager to see. It is a 100% sustainable village made entirely from bamboo, encompassing 18 houses and even a ‘green school’.  Next time! You can check out its coolness in the Ted Talk
To finish off what has been an incredible few days in Ubud I am treating myself tonight to a degustation at Locavore. I’ll let you know how I get on.

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