McLaren Vale, Adelaide

I haver been incredibly fortunate during my time in Australia to work with some of the coolest people I have ever met, and Anna is no exception. My only qualm is that she lives so far away, in Adelaide. However, that gives me the perfect excuse to go down for a visit.

There’s nothing that Anna and like to do better than to drink wine so McLaren Vale seemed like the perfect choice.


First Anna showed me the sights of Adelaide and I was surprised by how cool and quirky the city is. The food market was my favourite place by far, filled with wine, meats and cheese and why i love it so much is admirably everything is local.

I could quite happily shop here every weekend but I’m afraid i wouldn’t get very far from this stand in particular.


With a rather impressive picnic bought and packed it was time to meet my other cool Adelaidean (yes that’s a word, I Googled it!) colleague, Simon who we roped in as desi. He also knows a immense amount about wine so doubled as impressive our guide. Funny how some things just fall into place, isn’t it.

With endless laughs supplied by Anna, endless factoids coming from Simon and the weather really turning it on for us we headed for the hills.

Over the course of the day we hit a total of three wineries, just enough.This was my favourite, set on the top of a hill set in a garden of English flowers, I could have stayed for a week. Look how pretty…

We stopped for a picnic in the gardens of Samuel’s Gorge, with a rather lovely Tempranillo that Simon expertly picked.


We rounded the afternoon off nicely quenching our thirst with a refreshing gin and tonic, just what was needed after all those tannins.

Afternoon turned into evening as I sampled Adelaide’s great nightlife. We were fortunate enough to head to an awesome, nautical themed, bar called Hains & Co on ‘World Pirate Day’. I will save you from the photos but trust me it was a night full of rum, dancing and “ee argh mateys”, definitely one to be remembered.


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