Great Ocean Road Day 2: Apollo Bay to Port Fairy

We woke on day two to glorious sunshine with strong winds. The waves were similar to those I had seen on a holiday in California as a teenager, at least 10 feet high barrels crashing onto the beach. We continued along the GOR.


The drive out of Apollo Bay gave us some of the most stunning view I have ever seen.

DSC01214 DSC01219

Before long we had made our way into the Otway National Park. The most amazing and diverse place. One minute we would be driving through lush, dense rainforest and then would find ourselves in the middle of farmland surrounding by cows. Then a wood of Eucalyptus trees, which to our amazements housed lots of lots of wild koalas.

DSC01239 DSC01240

Fat and fuzzy grey teddy bears all asleep in their trees. The wind was blowing so hard it was a wonder they didn’t fall out.

DSC01226We jumped out of the car and the gorgeous smell of eucalyptus in the warm air hit us.

Shortly after getting back in the car we drive through another scenery change, the trees had all lost their leaves and remained like eery tree skeletons as far as the eye could see. Cow weaved in an out of their trunks out onto the road in front of us. We finally reached the Cape Otway Lighthouse, “Australia’s most significant lighthouse”, at the end of the road.



We were very lucky with the weather. We managed to walk around and up the stairs of the lighthouse for a look around. Amazed by the wonderful view. Two seconds later as we were making our way down the lighthouse, as if someone had turned on a tap the wind had bought the storm in. We found refuge in the lighthouse  café and warmed up our bodies with a lovely vegetable soup.


When the rain passed we continued on our journey to the Twelve Apostles. The rain still pouring we put on a brave face and faced the elements. When I say it was windy, you couldn’t imagine it. It was a death by poncho situation!

The apostles however were truly spectacular, one of those sights you will remember forever.


Further along the road more rock formations, such as The Razorback, Island Arch and London Bridge, attract more visitors. By now the rain had dropped but the wind remained causing a moody and dramatic sea with waves cliff top high. The drama of the choppy sea, the waves crashing and the wind howling is something I will never forget.

    We arrived an hour later to our second stopover in Port Fairy in a lovely little house called Hanley House.

 We freshened up and took ourselves out for some supper. To our delight, we found the Merrijig Inn, an inconspicuous little pub on the corner with an adventurous menu.

 We giggled our way through a bottle of sparkling by the fire, tucking into some of the most delicious food I have ever eaten. You can read all about the wonderful five course meal we had here. Finished off with a dessert wine and a Harry Potter quiz (Jess and I are somewhat fans!).

Having arrived just before sun down we hardly got to see any of the traditional port town that is supposed to be so quaint and lovely. Hopefully tomorrow


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