Light, Music, Ideas: Vivid Sydney

Darkness descends on the city, the clock strikes 6pm and the city comes alive with light, colour and sound.

Sometimes I am truly amazed by how beautiful and exciting this city is. How flexible and inclusive it can be and how open it is in its approach to creativity.

Vivid encompasses all of these themes bringing a plethora of creativity to the locals and tourists alike in the form of a wonderful series of light installations scattered across the CBD and beyond. To accompany the main show, there are hundred’s of events throughout the city to celebrate; from photographic exhibitions, dance shows, club nights, ‘walking and learning’ tours, inspirational talks and many more. Art has really comes alive in the city.

In this blog post I am going to zip my lips and let the images do the talking. I applaud each and every artist and curator  involved in bringing this show together. I cannot describe how much I enjoyed the show, I hope you do too. DSC01045 DSC01048 DSC01053  DSC01058 DSC01063 DSC01064 DSC01075 DSC01076 DSC01079 DSC01086 DSC01093 DSC01103 DSC01114 DSC01125 DSC01130 DSC01136 DSC01142 DSC01144 DSC01147

There is still five more days to catch Sydney being Vivid. The website gives a great guide to each piece and its location, as well as the best walking routes.


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