The English Culture and Aussie Fun!

Hello there strangers.

I am so sorry for my lack in communication recently. Things have been non-stop with me lately; work has been going amazingly well. It is always 100 mph, there is always so much to learn and new people to meet which is always exciting but most importantly this is the first job I have had that I truly feel valued and appreciated for what I do. I feel as though I am doing so well and however busy it is, I am always excited to get there. It is such a great feeling to feel like you’re in the right place for your life right now and I hope it continues.

My personal life has been equally as exciting so here’s a bumper edition to recap on what I have been up to…

Firstly was the races. My gorgeous friend Ellen and her boyfriend Scott are regrettably leaving Sydney to return to the motherland. After two and a half wonderful years here they have decided it is time for a new (very grown-up) house buying chapter (without the growing-up). I wish them all the best and cannot wait to be reunited in a cosy London pub upon my return.   

  My first bucket-list tick was NYE in the harbour, my second had to be to visit the Sydney Opera House. Until recently Handa Opera came to Sydney Harbour to perform Aida. I have never been to an opera and my mum has always urged me to go. I decided not to gamble with the unpredictable Sydney weather so I waited for a clear night and chanced my luck with buying tickets on the day – good thinking Goodie, they were great seats and came slightly cheaper. The show was spectacular, I loved the storyline and the fireworks over the harbour and the live camels made for an unforgettable experience. 

     This year on the 25th April marked the centennial anniversary of the battle of Gallipoli. Every year this day is commemorated by Aussie’s and Kiwi’s with something called Anzac day. It starts at dawn with a memorial service, which in Coogee was held on the beach front as we watched the sunrise we remembered those Anzacs (and the 22,000 Brits) that fell on this day, fighting for our freedom. This is traditionally followed with an all-day drinking session. Never one to miss out, I had a short nap (obligatory when waking before dawn) and headed out to Manly Skiff Club for a good ol’ game of ‘2 up’. Legal for only one day a year, this great past-time sure does fire up the crowds with bets being called left, right and centre it wasn’t long before I was in the mix. Call it beginners luck but I’m not ashamed of what I walked away with!






 “Ruuulleee Britannia”. I enjoyed a night of pomp and circumstance on my second night at the Opera House in two weeks at the ‘Last night of the Proms’. We  sang out hearts out to ‘Land of Hope & Glory’ as we watched the Sydney Philharmonic Orchestra perform some classics. As I watched the room waving their flags and singing away, some with eyes closed and hand on hearts, it made me feel very emotional; a mixture of home sickness and immense pride, even on the other side of the world we stand together and recognise how lucky we are to be British. The guy in the seat next to me summed us Brits up with “a delightful balance of arrogance and humour” – I have to say it suits me perfectly!

Then for something altogether different, and distinctly Australian. I experienced my first AFL game. I was fortunate enough to wangle myself a ticket to the company box, pretty jammy for a newbie J I loved the game, a bit tamer than my preferred sport; Rugby Union, but exciting none-the-less. Sydney Swans were chasing the Western Bulldogs in what was a soggy and scrappy game. Although the score wasn’t on our side the experience was fantastic. 

  Phew! I told you I had been a busy lady! The truth is, I am loving it out here. I will always miss home, but for now I am enjoying this part of my journey…

Until next time, and I promise I won’t leave it so long  


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