Rain Rain Go Away, Slide Over and Bug Another Bay

So I thought I would be able to give you a beautiful Easter blog filled with gorgeous pics of white sand and blue skies. It turns out the sun doesn’t always shine in Aus…!DSC00907

With four long days away from work I couldn’t resist the idea of a road trip up the stunning coastline of NSW. The location possibilities are endless but one spot in particular that is known for its beauty is Port Stephens. Littered with private coves with almost pure silica beaches, Palm trees and the highest concentration of wild dolphins in Australia, it sounded idyllic.
The big man upstairs had other ideas… IMG_1126
 It poured down for two days straight! When it decides to rain in Australia, the heavens open and this was unlike anything I have ever seen or heard before.
We stayed in a cosy wooden cabin in the woods just back from the beach at Anna Bay. This was exciting I felt like I was back at Brownie camp. However, a few glasses of wine was needed for Dutch courage to brave the spiders, bugs and other unknown critters that were rustling outside. It turns out that these were possums and koalas! A full inspection of all corners and cracks was performed every morning and evening. It’s a good job my mum wasn’t there, I doubt we would have stayed long!
There was however a resident roo. If you read my blog on The Blue Mountains you can imagine that this fella got it in the neck on behalf of his species, he didn’t seem that bothered.
Now, being a beach resort there is not much to do in the rain. Still, being the true Brits we are we made the most of the time we spent there, rain or no rain.
We had booked a few activities that we were determined to complete during our stay. Firstly we tried sand boarding – basically you sit on a piece of wood and slide down huge sand dunes. Sounds easy right? Well after two spectacular face plants I can tell you it is not. Every part of me was smothered in sand – even my lashes!
This was followed by wild dolphin watching- a magical experience despite now being drenched. We saw two pods of mummy and baby dolphins with a stunning back drop of islands and bays. IMG_1129
The absolute highlight of our trip was dinner. We found one of the best restaurants in Nelson Bay, Sandpipers, and was absolutely blown away with the menu. It was a tricky decision but I chose the Chinese Style Pork Belly that came with caramelised sweet potato, nectarine, cashew and pea tendril salad. Accompanied by a delicious Pinot Noir from the Hunter Valley and followed by a comforting (and warming) Sticky Date Pudding. Hopefully I’ll be able to tell yu a lot more about the wine we chose after my trip to the Hunter Valley this weekend- keep your fingers crossed for better weather.
Something this place is worth flocking for, even in terrible weather, is the seafood. Famous for its fresh wild oysters and Atlantic prawns the seafood and shellfish are some of the best and freshest I’ve tried and all extremely cheap.
After another night of tip tapping of rain and rustling from creatures and having satisfied our inner Bear Grylls we decided to head back to sunny Sydney and enjoy the rest of the weekend.
Such a shame that we didn’t see the best of this stunning place, but word from the (now) wiser always check the weather before heading here because it really will determine how much fun you have.

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