Bondi Markets – Paella, Organic Goodies and Pregnant Bees!

Regardless of the weather the girls and me had a lovely morning gossiping and shopping at Bondi Markets. I woke up super early (for a hung-over Saturday) and braved the ‘cold’ on a walk from Coogee to Bondi Beach.

I stumbled across some local chaps doing what they do best; busying themselves with bits of old rag. They were bustling in and out of the universal man cave, more widely known as the shed, all offering their best advice on how to fix their boat engine. It made me smile.


I’m going to make a post about this picturesque headland walk in more detail when the weather is slightly nicer. It is an absolute MUST when visiting the Eastern beaches.

Anyway, I set off from Coogee along the coastal path towards Bondi.

With beautiful coves and sandy beaches, I was in my alone-time element with just the breeze to blow away the fuzzy head, a touch of rain (heaven forbid) and the breathtaking views…

IMG_0767   IMG_0773

My family home in England is in the depths of the West Sussex countryside and I have grown up appreciating a quieter life outside of the city (on the weekends). So for me, this was a perfectly chilled Saturday stroll.

However, an hour and 15 minutes later and I was ready for my weekly dose of girly gossip. I met the girlies outside Bondi markets where we all knew what was first on the agenda; breakfast!

Now if ever there was a hangover cure, it is Paella Del Mar.  

The gorgeous Daphne is a regular at Bondi markets where she sells her delicious themed paella. This week was a Greek theme; made with brown rice instead of Arborio and came served with a topping of chilli oil and tzatziki. Seriously good, warming and the ultimate healthy comfort food – just what I needed to perk me back up. When you next get to Bondi on a Saturday I urge you to take a visit. In the meantime visit their Insta (@paelladelmar) – they do catering too! #justsaying

On to my second breakfast (I have two most days). I wandered past this stall and couldn’t resist this little cutie. An organic raspberry, chocolate, chia pot topped with coconut and raw cacao. Again, I will be recreating this with a little twist so keep your eyes peeled.

The stalls here are so diverse and equally as appetising as each other…

IMG_0789   IMG_0790

…they even host a man who gives IVF to bees!! Yep, you read that right; he artificially inseminates queen, drones and worker bees to produce the best quality end product – un-bee-lievable!! I then managed to get my whole week’s worth of locally-grown organic groceries for $23 – I was winning at life.

After a loooooong black and our mischief managed it was time to head on home.


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