Why hello there you sexy surfer dude…

This weekend has been my favourite in Australia so far. There was sun, sea, sand, serious swell, bronzed bodies, muscles, bare feet, oh and did I mention the sexy surfers.


Ok now stop getting distracted, this is a serious blog post! This weekend, Manly played host to one of the worlds largest surfing competitions, The Australian Open of Surfing. This meant shaggy haired adrenaline junkies as far as the eye could see, oh and their admirers (unashamedly you know who was front of the queue)!

We started off our day in one of Manly’s top breakfast spots, The Pantry. Two of us were brave enough to try The Pantry Breakfast, a feast of a “grill-up”. Meanwhile, I chose what I thought would be a smaller option…

IMG_0203 image3

I was wrong but my god was it good. Appropriately fed, it was time to get down to business.

One of the main attractions on the beach was the gorgeous Daniel Conn and the F45 team with the F45 Playoffs. A competition comprising of HiiT workouts for the seriously fit. I’ll get there one day (note to self: consume less brownies). For now I don’t mind being on hand, you know in case they need an extra judge or something.


North Steyne was littered with food stalls of every kind; from noodles to pulled pork and bbq. Still full from my eggs florentine me and Lauren opted to a real old fashioned lemonade. I don’t think there’s anything more refreshing, plus who doesn’t want their beverages served from a giant lemon!

Now on to the two main events; the skating and surfing finals. I have never seen either a pro skater or suffer doing their thing and this is an experience I will never forget. It was amazing. The atmosphere on the beach was electric as we watched Laura Enever battle against Tyler Wright in the woman’s final and Kolohe Andino vs Matiea Hiquily in the men’s.

image6 DSC00588 DSC00577 DSC00583 DSC00574DSC00563 Congratulations to Laura and Kolohe, both well deserved wins.

Vance Joy rounded off the evening with a concert on the beach. Picture it, thousands of partygoers on the sand all singing along to his beautiful voice.


So with sandy feet, salty curls and  topped up tan I drag myself (kicking and screaming) onto the ferry home.


The Australian Open is one not to be missed, see you next year!


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