G’day 2015!!

I love NYE! I fall for the “new year, new you” resolution every year. The anticipation of new challenges, the expectation of that dream body (that one year I will achieve) and mostly the butterflies I feel about what the year ahead will bring. Well this year is no exception… I’ve only gone and moved to Australia.


That’s right, as much as I love Britain and all things British it’s time for a new chapter. A slightly warmer chapter. It was an emotional goodbye; my family and friends mean the absolute world to me and the prospect of leaving them was very daunting. However, I knew this was the right thing to do for me, for right now. So I booked my one-way ticket (I’ve always wanted to say that), applied for my Working Holiday Visa and before I knew it the day had arrived.

My lovely friend Lauren made the move Sydney-side from the UK about 10 months ago with her boyfriend and is absolutely loving it, so I knew I had a good girlfriend to go to. In true Lauren style, I arrived to one of the biggest and best NYE parties the city could throw at us.

We boarded the Starship in the early evening before embarking on a full tour of Sydney Harbour. The views from top-deck, where Lauren and I had strategically placed ourselves, were spectacular and the mood was infectious – it seemed like the whole city was excited.

543 547

As the sun went down our vessel moved into position; under the Harbour Bridge (it really is huuuuuge) and past the Opera House. I had to pinch myself, “yep I am really here” and we couldn’t be much closer to the action.

602 621

The fireworks were absolutely awe-inspiring. Big rockets, thousands of colours and sparkles filled the sky to a reception of “ooooh” and “ahhhh”.


I am thrilled to have been able to tick NYE in Sydney Harbour off of my ‘bucket list’ and this exceeded all expectation.

Good friends, lots of Champagne and even more dancing – it was truly magical and a night I will never forget.

Bring it on 2015 – I  can’t wait.


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