It’s Christmas Fir Sure!

One of the most exciting days of the year has arrived, filled with excitement and childhood memories. A day when Christmas truly begins – it’s Christmas Tree Day!


Even the fact that my parents moved out of London to the deep dark depths of, a currently frosty, West Sussex doesn’t deter me from joining in on the tradition. We all know that this day comes with the occasional minefield; the assembly of the tree onto its stand can strain even the strongest of relationships!

However, nothing can dampen my Christmas cheer on this magical day.

Now, in my family we usually do this quite late in the month. With us all insisting on a real tree we have to ensure there are still needles on it by Christmas Day.

It was a family effort. Dad and I lifted the tree into position and after a few ‘tweaks’ it was perfect, and what an absolute whopper it is too. We opted for an 8 foot Nordmann Fir because they are less likely to drop their needles and smell incredible.

imageTo put this beast into context my dad is 6′ 2″ and has arms like an orangutan and even on a ladder he had to reach for the top!!

With the carols on in the background and the lights in place it was mums turn to put on the first bauble.


I don’t know about your mums but mine has a strict red and gold policy, every inch of decoration and gift wrapping in the lounge stays within the colour theme.


Finally it was finished, the pièce de résistance is complete.


Now it was time to snuggle down with the fire roaring and a Christmas film on the TV.


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