Reindeers and Raw-centricity in Covent Garden

Well today I have walked my little socks off! Desperately needing to finish my Christmas shopping I headed to the epicentre of Christmas cheer – Covent Garden.

I was bound to find something for those tricky brothers of mine in the endless array of shops in and around Seven Dials and the glittering stalls of the market.

Conveniently I arrived just before lunchtime and I was very excited to try the “raw-centric” Wild Food Cafe in Neal’s Yard. It has a fantastic Instagram account (@wildfoodcafe) full of lots of gorgeous photos of their vegetarian, whole food and raw dishes. I met my friend Alice and together we trawled the menu before both settling on one of the Christmas specials; ‘wild mushrooms on toast’ with some spiced sweet potato wedges and guacamole on the side.



Then, without much room left but not wanting to miss out on dessert we shared a delicious pecan pie and raw hot chocolate. Unfortunately it was devoured so quickly I didn’t have the chance to take a pic!

I love learning about new food and especially how to make healthy, yet yummy ‘goodies’ so I thoroughly enjoyed it and can’t wait to return and try the rest of the menu. It was so nice to see Alice – titbits of gossip and news of other friends made for a wonderful catch up.

Something that makes this one of favourite times of year is the chance to wrap up and go and see the lights and decorations of Central London. Covent Garden’s are always some of the most impressive and this year’s are no exception.


Aww just look at these reindeer made entirely of Lego 🙂

As all of you that have been will know, for the past few years a giant reindeer and a Christmas tree have taken centre stage in the square, in my opinion they are well worth the trip alone and this year’s are simply stunning.



With the daylight fading, the fairy lights glistening and the sound of a lone trumpet playing Silent Night, it was time to head home.

Thanks CG for a magical day, I’ll be back.


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